Hal Hartley
hosted by Tony DuShane

THE GIRL FROM MONDAY is Hal Hartley's latest film.  His other films include HENRY FOOL, FLIRT, AMATEUR, THE BOOK OF LIFE and many others.  A collection of his short films is available on DVD through Microcinema.

I met Hal at the Roxie Cinema in San Francisco during a screening of THE GIRL FROM MONDAY and took him to Dalva, a bar in the Mission District in San Francisco.

For the show, I need to edit the interviews to come in under 30 minutes.  As I edited this program, I realized there's no way I would be able to cut so much of our conversation from such an inspirational filmmaker, so this program turned into two programs.

For more information on Hal Hartley, go to www.possiblefilms.com.

Hal Hartley interview part 1
The Girl From Monday, touring with films, directing actors, digital filmmaking, composing music, transferring to 35mm, casting process, Tatiana Abracos

Hal Hartley interview part 2
working with wife, writing for actors, Bill Sage and Martin Donovan, Henry Fool part 2, playwrighting/producing vs. filmmaking, moving to Berlin, Miramax, D.J. Mendall, Don Delillo


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