Mark Z. Danielewski
hosted by Tony DuShane

My friend Kenneth suggested I read "House of Leaves" a few years ago.  He showed me how clever it was with some pages containing only one word and others you had to read in the mirror to understand.

I bought the book, but it sat on my shelf because I assumed the cleverness meant it was covering up bad writing. You know, like clever films that usually compensate for mediocrity in the overall piece.

"Only Revolutions" came in the mail and I thought I better give "House of Leaves" a read as well before I interviewed Mark.

There is not one mediocre sentence, not one mediocre word in "House of Leaves". I was completely dumbfounded by its brilliance. I ate up "Only Revolutions" with the same intensity I had while reading "House of Leaves".

I can now add Danielewski to one of my top ten living writers.

His sister is the singer POE. She wrote music based on "House of Leaves" that was played throughout the program. It's truncated in the archived segments below.

Danielewski is a writing machine. I hope the interview segments will inspire you as they did me.

These segments are stripped from the original live broadcast:

Segment 1
11:12 minutes, 12.80 MB
Segment 2
8:08 minutes, 9.32 MB
Segment 3
7:15 minutes, 8.30 MB
Segment 4
10:42 minutes, 12.20 MB

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