Photos by Chris M. Wiggum



Wim Wenders
hosted by
Tony DuShane

Wim Wenders is the legendary German film director of Wings of Desire, Until the End of the World, Paris Texas and more.  His latest film Don't Come Knocking is out now.

Written by Wenders and Sam Shepard, the film focuses on the relationship between a father and son who haven't seen each other in 30 years.  Filmed on location in the mid-west and mostly in Butte, Montana, Wenders doesn't disappoint with his trademark scenic landscapes and gripping emotional scenes with his cast which includes Sarah Polley, Tim Roth, Sam Shepard, Jessica Lange, Fairuza Balk and Eva Marie Saint. 

Segments stripped from the two hour Drinks with Tony radio show:

Segment 1
Writing with Sam Shepard, getting Sam to play the
lead, Butte, Montana

Segment 2
Wings of Desire, Nick Cave, West Berlin, Crime and
the City Solution, Gun Club

Segment 3
Religion, spirituality, God, angels, favorite authors

Segment 4

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