• Rheea Mukherjee – Ep. #30

    Rheea Mukherjee is the author of The Body Myth. It’s her debut novel on Unnamed Press and it’s awesome. Rheea spent her childhood in the US and her teens in […]

  • Michael Marcus – Ep. #29

    Michael Marcus is the author of #1 Son and Other Stories on Punk Hostage Press. One of the main takeaways from this fantastic confessional is that you shouldn’t smoke crack. […]

  • Jack Grisham – Ep. #28

    Jack Grisham is the author of An American Demon: A Memoir, Code Blue: A Love Story, A Principle of Recovery, and I Wish There Were Monsters. He’s also the founder […]

  • Ayser Salman – Ep. #27

    Ayser Salman is the author of The Wrong End of the Table: A Mostly Comic Memoir of a Muslim Arab American Woman Just Trying to Fit in. She is also […]

  • Allan MacDonell – Ep. #26

    Allan MacDonell is the author of Punk Elegies: True Tales of Death Trip Kids, Wrongful Sex, and Trial by Angel Dust, Now That I Am Gone: A Memoir Beyond Recall, […]

  • Mitchell S. Jackson – Ep. #25

    Mitchell S. Jackson is the author of Survival Math: Notes on an All-American Family. He’s also the author of The Residue Years and winner of a 2016 Whiting Award. Survival […]

  • Irvine Welsh – Ep. #24

    Irvine Welsh is the author of Dead Man’s Trousers. It’s the final chapter of the saga of the characters from Trainspotting. Trainspotting was made into a film, you know. There’s also […]

  • Porangui – Ep. #23

    Poranguí is a musician, healer, and producer. Check out his self-titled album as well as the companion record Guided Journey. “He lives in service to pachamama as an artist and […]

  • Charlie Jane Anders – Ep. #22

    Charlie Jane Anders is the author of The City in the Middle of the Night. Her previous books include Choir Boy and All the Birds in the Sky. Her novelette […]

  • Lee Goldberg – Ep. #21

    Lee Goldberg‘s latest book is Killer Thriller. It’s the sequel to True Fiction. Both books are fantastic reads as Goldberg is a master of his craft. He’s written too many […]

  • Gabriel Hart and Lydia Millet – Ep. #20

    Gabriel Hart is the frontman of the band Jail Weddings. His twin novellas Virgins In Reverse & The Intrusion was released last month on Traveling Shoes Press and includes a forward by Tav […]

  • Delfin Vigil and Ned Vizzini – Ep. #19

    Delfin Vigil is the author of Death of a Newspaper Man and Nikko: Concrete Commando. He’s also an ex-Jehovah’s Witness and was a features writer and editor at the San Francisco Chronicle […]

  • Jerry Minor and Amy Sedaris Ep. #18

    Jerry Minor is an actor and comedian. He’s also an ex-Jehovah’s Witness, so, we talk a lot about that and how he has been able to thrive after suffering major […]

  • Hugh Patterson and Michael Muhammad Knight Ep. #17

    Hugh Patterson is a chess master, a chess instructor, a writer, and his moniker is Johnny Genocide. As Mr. Genocide, he’s best known for the band No Alternative. He’s a cancer […]

  • Alexander Hacke Danielle de Picciotto Blixa Bargeld – Ep. #16

    hackedepicciotto are Alexander Hacke and Danielle de Picciotto. Their music and utterly amazing, so check them out as they tour the West Coast the rest of the month. Hacke is […]

  • Jay London and Edward Furlong Ep. #15

    Jay London is a stand-up comic. He was on two seasons of the TV show Last Comic Standing and his other credits include The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The […]

  • Scot Sothern and William T. Vollmann Ep. #14

    Scot Sothern is the author of Curb Service: A Memoir, Streetwalkers, and Big City. He’s also a photographer and his portraits of sex workers have been shown in galleries around […]

  • Jim Ruland and Marky Ramone Ep. #13

    Jim Ruland is the author of Forest of Fortune and co-author of My Damage with Keith Morris. He’s also a long time contributor to Razorcake and runs the reading series Vermon […]

  • Gabriela Herstik and Wesley Strick Ep. #12

    Gabriela Herstik is a writer, fashion alchemist, and witch. She is the author of Inner Witch: A Modern Guide to the Ancient Craft. She also writes for Nylon and HelloGiggles. […]

  • Stephen Jay Schwartz and Bent Hamer Ep. #11

    Stephen Jay Schwartz is the editor of Hollywood vs. the Author, stories behind the scenes from those who have experienced what has been called development hell. He’s also the author […]

  • Stuttering John Melendez and Adrian Belic Ep. #10

    Stuttering John Melendez is famous for his crazy hijinks on The Howard Stern Show and later for joining The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. His book Easy For You To […]

  • Shawna Kenney and Steve Kilbey Ep. #9

    Shawna Kenney is the author of I was a Teenage Dominatrix and co-author of Live at the Safari Club. She teaches at UCLA Extension and co-runs a writing retreat in […]

  • Ben Loory and Daniel Clowes Ep. #8

    Ben Loory is the author of Tales of Falling and Flying, Stories for Nighttime and Some for the Day, and The Baseball Player and the Walrus. He has never watched […]

  • David Ulin and Wim Wenders Ep. #7

    David Ulin is the author of The Lost Art of Reading: Books and Resistance in a Troubled Time and Sidewalking: Coming to Terms with Los Angeles. He edited the Books […]

  • Matthew Stokoe and Steve Almond Ep. #6

    Matthew Stokoe is the author of Cows, High Life, Empty Mile, and Colony of Whores. We connected years ago when I ran CherryBleeds.com, but this was our first meeting in […]

  • Seth Greenland and Jon Ronson Ep. #5

    Seth Greenland is the author of The Hazards of Good Fortune. His other books include The Bones, The Angry Buddhist, and I Regret Everything. Greenland has also worked in TV […]

  • Alan Black and Irvine Welsh Ep. #4

    Alan Black is the author of Kick The Balls and co-author of The Glorious World Cup. He runs The Edinburgh Castle, a pub in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District that tends […]

  • Glen David Gold and Kevin Smith Ep. #3

    Glen David Gold is the author of I Will Be Complete and Carter Beats the Devil. Our chat includes San Francisco vs. Los Angeles, punk rock, X, stalking John Doe, […]

  • Liska Jacobs and Chelsea Handler Ep. #2

    Liska Jacobs is the author of Catalina. It’s a really good book and she’s a kick to hang out with. We chat about writing amazing books, craft, misconceptions of Los […]

  • Mark Haskell Smith and Larry Clark Ep. #1

    Mark Haskell Smith is the author of Blown, Heart Of Dankness, Naked at Lunch, Salty and more. He’s a professor at UC Riverside’s Low Residency MFA program and just a […]