• Joe Clifford #279

    Joe Clifford is the author of A Moth To Flame. His novel Lamentation was recently translated to Italian and he just came back from an author tour of Italy. We […]

  • Tony DuShane’s Writing Workshop #278

    Danielle and Kyler join my spontaneous writing course. We discuss being uncomfortable as a writer, the importance of journaling, the intimacy we have with our characters, how to rewrite, and […]

  • Ann Leary #277

    Ann Leary is the author of I’ve Tried to Be Nice: Essays. Join my Summer Online Novel Writing Workshop June 16 – August 4. We’re all innate storytellers, learn how […]

  • Matthew Daddona #276

    Matthew Daddona is the author of The Longitude of Grief: A novel. We discuss cafe culture in Sarajevo, the virtues of Philly, writing compelling characters, how to hit a deer […]

  • Nicolás Medina Mora #275

    Nicolás Medina Mora is the author of América del Norte. We discuss being a debut novelist, the literary scene in Mexico City, the culture shock of living in the United […]

  • Ari Gold #274

    Ari Gold is the co-author of Father Verses Sons: A Correspondence in Poems, with his late father and author Herbert Gold, and his brother Ethan Gold. Herbert died when he […]

  • Sasha Vasilyuk #273

    Sasha Vasilyuk is the author of Your Presence is Mandatory. We discuss the generations of her family’s experience in Ukraine, researching a novel based in true events, how pregnancy is […]

  • Alex Kazemi #272

    Alex Kazemi is the author of New Millennium Boyz. We discuss social hierarchy, living the authentic artist life, book censorship, Kabbalah, Woodstock ‘99, when writing is emotionally damaging, and so […]

  • Jeff Zentner #271

    Jeff Zentner is the author of Colton Gentry’s Third Act: A Novel. Jeff started as a musician, then hung it up to work with organizations helping teenagers. That’s when he […]

  • Andrew Miller #270

    Andrew Miller is the author of Namaste Mart Confidential. We discuss: Sexy masculinity. How to take a punch. Why the year 2013 is important to his novel. Crime fiction…and so […]

  • Cat Howell

    Cat Howell is the author of Magic Source Codes: The Craft of Reality. We start the 8-Week Novel Writing Workshop on Monday, this is your last call. TWO spots left. […]

  • Cara Black #269

    Cara Black is the author of Murder at La Villette. It’s the 21st novel in her Aimée Leduc Investigation series. Join my free Novel Writing Workshop March 9th at 10am […]

  • Tony DuShane Answers Your Questions #268

    This week I answer a few questions from our listeners about outlining, finding the ending to your story, and more. I also include my interview with Robert McKee from last […]

  • Kris Saknussemm #267

    Kris Saknussemm is the author of A Guide To Creative Writing and The Imagination. Join me for an 8-week novel writing workshop on Monday nights at 6pm Pacific on Zoom. […]

  • Sarah Tomlinson #266

    Sarah Tomlinson is the author of The Last Days of the Midnight Ramblers. She has also ghostwritten many books. We discuss ghostwriting for celebrities, Taylor Swift, novels as the perfect […]

  • Kelley McNeil #265

    Kelley McNeil is the author of Mayluna. Join my Free Online Novel Writer Workshop on February 24th here: at tonydushane.com/free Kelley and I chat: How our brains work with memory and […]

  • Melinda Lee Holm #264

    Melinda Lee Holm is the author of Your Tarot Guide: Learn to navigate life with the help of the cards. Join my Free Novel Writer Workshop on February 24th here: […]

  • Tony DuShane talks Ghostwriting #263

    Or, everything I’ve done wrong in ghostwriting so you don’t have to. Join me for a Free Novel Writing Workshop on Feb 24th, 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern / 8pm […]

  • Arthur Rapkin #262

    Arthur Rapkin is the author of Poison For Rats: Six Kilos that Changed Everything, a Memoir. We chat about his cocaine smuggling years, surviving Mexican prison, how he got out […]

  • Elle Nash #261

    Elle Nash is the author of Deliver Me: A Novel. We chat Christianity, joining the Muslims, leaving the Muslims, literary scene in Glasgow, social media sucks, and so much more. […]

  • Scott Weintraub #260

    Scott Weintraub is the co-author of Back to the Body: Infusing Physical Life Into Characters in Theatre and Film. With Jean-Louis Rodrigue. We chat the importance of creating stories not […]

  • Michael J. Wilson #259

    Michael J. WIlson is the author of A Labyrinth: Fiction, out now on Stalking Horse Press. We chat his work with Meow Wolf, architecture that offends the senses, how social […]

  • Joe Di Prisco #258

    Joe Di Prisco is the author of My Last Resume: New and Collected Poems. We chat poetry, novels, the arts, the Joyce Carol Oates Literary Prize, outreach to teach literary […]

  • Carla Malden #257

    Carla Malden is the author of My Two and Only. We chat about writer a character in her latest novel that’s a widow versus writing her memoir After Image. What […]

  • John Hunter #256

    John Hunter is the author of Maps and Legends: The Story of R.E.M. Join me for a free creative writing workshop at the Los Feliz branch public library on Wednesday, November […]

  • Anne Leigh Parrish #255

    Anne Leigh Parrish is the author of A Summer Morning. Join me for a free creative writing workshop at the Los Feliz branch public library on Wednesday, November 8th at […]

  • Donna Marie Hayes #254

    Donna Marie Hayes is the author of These Broken Roads: Scammed and Vindicated, One Woman’s Story. We discuss love, faith, what happened when someone died in front of her on […]

  • Rykarda Parasol #253

    Rykarda Parasol’s new record is called Tuesday Morning. We discuss Rykarda’s creative rebirth in Paris, how her mom shot up her stuffed animal with a gun in the backyard when […]

  • Jon Krampner #252

    Jon Krampner is the author of Ernest Lehman: The Sweet Smell of Success. We discuss if Mo Udall became president instead of Carter we may never had Reagan, writing biographies […]

  • Beth Raymer #251

    Beth Raymer is the author of Fireworks Every Night: A Novel. We chat living the writing life vs. having a corporate job, how to get rent control in NYC, fake […]

  • Jarret Keene #250

    Jarret Keene is the author of Hammer of the Dogs. He also teaches graphic novel and world literature at UNLV. We chat when Jarret was a paparazzo in Las Vegas, […]

  • James Reich #249

    James Reich is the author of The Moth for the Star, out now on 7.13 books. We discuss the old days of nurturing authors at publishing houses, the literary canon, […]

  • Ariel Anderssen #248

    Ariel Anderssen is the author of Playing To Lose: How a Jehovah’s Witness Became a Submissive BDSM Model. We chat: Leaving the Jehovah’s Witnesses, BDSM, Eternal Life (yes or no), […]

  • Matthew Binder #247

    Matthew Binder is the author of Pure Cosmos Club. We discuss quitting your day job to write, living in Budapest, Matthew’s fever-pitch writing process, when you break up who gets […]

  • Trevor J Houser #246

    Trevor J Houser is the author of The Prumont Method. We discuss When he staked out police and judges as a private investigator. The best bar in NYC. Father and […]

  • Brian O’Hare #245

    Brian O’Hare is the author of the story collection Surrender. We discuss: How to be rich as a writer, seeing characters in everyday life that end up in our books, […]

  • Bill Boggs #244

    Bill Boggs is the author of Spike Unleashed: The Wonder Dog Returns: As told to Bill Boggs. He was a talk show host and his archives are available on Youtube.  […]

  • Margie Taylor #243

    Margie Taylor is the author of Rose Addams. Along with her career as an author she was a producer and host on radio at CBC in Canada. We chat: What […]

  • Joe Clifford #242

    Joe Clifford is the author of Say My Name, and a TON of other books. His first is memoir, Junkie Love, which we also talk about. And we chat about […]

  • Christine Sneed #241

    Christine Sneed’s new book of short stories is called Direct Sunlight. She’ll be in conversation with Collette Sartor at Chevalier’s Books on June 28th at 6pm in Larchmont Village. Join […]

  • Craig Clevenger #240

    Craig Clevenger is the author of Mother Howl. His earlier books are The Contortionist’s Handbook and Dermaphoria. We discuss: How he stumbled into working at the library. How his first […]

  • Cat Howell #239

    Cat Howell is the author of Magic Source Codes: The Craft of Reality. We discuss: How to become rich by masturbating. My limiting beliefs I didn’t even know I had. […]

  • Stephen Jay Schwartz #238

    Stephen Jay Schwartz is the author of Stormy Whether or not we believe it is Still Stormy Weather. We discuss: The horrors of online dating. Stephen’s father’s suicide. When your […]

  • Alexandra Auder #237

    Alexandra Auder is the author of Don’t Call Me Home: A Memoir. On May 10th at 6pm at the Los Feliz Library on Hillhurst and Franklin I’m teaching a free […]

  • Martha Hall Kelly #236

    Martha Hall Kelly is the author of The Golden Doves. We discuss: When breeding a mini-poodle and golden retriever, who’s on top? How the Reagans planned their week to their […]

  • Tara Ison #235

    Tara Ison is the author of At the Hour Between Dog and Wolf. We discuss: The film Body Heat. Opening a cafe where patrons are only allowed to read books. […]

  • Robert Dugoni #234

    Robert Dugoni is the author of Her Deadly Game. Robert and I discuss: The super secret magic method of writing a novel. Our mutual fear of flying. The cure for […]

  • Tony DuShane #233

    Tony DuShane is the author of Confessions of a Teenage Jesus Jerk, which was turned into a film directed by Eric Stoltz and Tony adapted the book to script for […]

  • J. D. O’Brien #232

    J. D. O’Brien is the author of Zig Zag. We discuss intimate subjects like podcasting, punk rock, writing, dating, and working as an extra in TV and film. Drinks with […]

  • Charlotte Maya #231

    Charlotte Maya is the author of Sushi Tuesday: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Family Resilience. Join me for a free creative writing workshop at the Los Feliz Branch library […]