• Cat Howell #239

    Cat Howell is the author of Magic Source Codes: The Craft of Reality. We discuss: How to become rich by masturbating. My limiting beliefs I didn’t even know I had. […]

  • Stephen Jay Schwartz #238

    Stephen Jay Schwartz is the author of Stormy Whether or not we believe it is Still Stormy Weather. We discuss: The horrors of online dating. Stephen’s father’s suicide. When your […]

  • Alexandra Auder #237

    Alexandra Auder is the author of Don’t Call Me Home: A Memoir. On May 10th at 6pm at the Los Feliz Library on Hillhurst and Franklin I’m teaching a free […]

  • Martha Hall Kelly #236

    Martha Hall Kelly is the author of The Golden Doves. We discuss: When breeding a mini-poodle and golden retriever, who’s on top? How the Reagans planned their week to their […]

  • Tara Ison #235

    Tara Ison is the author of At the Hour Between Dog and Wolf. We discuss: The film Body Heat. Opening a cafe where patrons are only allowed to read books. […]

  • Robert Dugoni #234

    Robert Dugoni is the author of Her Deadly Game. Robert and I discuss: The super secret magic method of writing a novel. Our mutual fear of flying. The cure for […]

  • Tony DuShane #233

    Tony DuShane is the author of Confessions of a Teenage Jesus Jerk, which was turned into a film directed by Eric Stoltz and Tony adapted the book to script for […]

  • J. D. O’Brien #232

    J. D. O’Brien is the author of Zig Zag. We discuss intimate subjects like podcasting, punk rock, writing, dating, and working as an extra in TV and film. Drinks with […]

  • Charlotte Maya #231

    Charlotte Maya is the author of Sushi Tuesday: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Family Resilience. Join me for a free creative writing workshop at the Los Feliz Branch library […]

  • Gloria Beth Amodeo #230

    Gloria Beth Amodeo is the author of God’s Ex-girlfriend, a Memoir About Loving and Leaving the Evangelical Jesus. We discuss: How to convert to evangelical Christianity. The UTIs she had […]

  • Duncan Birmingham #229

    Duncan Birmingham is the author of The Cult In My Garage and writer and director of Who Invited Them. We discuss: Being shamed by our fathers. Working on Blunt Talk […]

  • Iris Smyles #228

    Iris Smyles is the author of Droll Tales. We discuss:Writing first drafts.Online dating.Sad lives of disconnected people.We plan our date for April.…and so much more. Drinks with Tony is on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Stitcher, and […]

  • Kelly Dessaint #227

    Kelly Dessaint is the author of Dispatches from Behind the Wheel: The Omnibus: The Complete Zine Series about Driving for Hire in San Francisco. Kelly and I Discuss: Driving for Lyft, […]

  • Cecil Castellucci #226

    Cecil Castellucci is the author of Shifting Earth as well as many other comics including Batgirl on DC Comics. My free creative writing workshop happens Feb. 8th at 6pm at […]

  • Joe Donnelly #225

    Joe Donnelly is the co-author of God of Sperm: Cappy Rothman’s Life in Conception with Cappy Rothman. We discuss: Ethics question of donating sperm. Are we but specs on a […]

  • Elissa Bassist #224

    Elissa Bassist is the author of Hysterical: A Memoir. January 14th @ 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern, join my online workshop: Kickstart Your Novel 2023. $15, register here. Elissa and […]

  • David Leaf #223

    David Leaf is the author of God Only Knows: The Story of Brian Wilson, the Beach Boys and the California Myth. January 14th @ 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern, join my […]

  • Douglas Abrams #222

    Douglas Abrams is the co-author of The Little Book of Joy with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Tutu. January 14th @ 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern, join my […]

  • Jon Bennett #221

    Jon Bennett is the author of the poetry collection Leisure Town. He’s also my neighbor from when I lived in the Tenderloin in San Francisco. We discuss: Leonard Cohen novels […]

  • Allison Landa #220

    Allison Landa is the author of Bearded Lady: When You’re a Woman with a Beard, Your Secret is Written All Over Your Face. We discuss: What is was like for […]

  • Nick Cave #219

    Nick Cave is the co-author of Faith, Hope, and Carnage with Seán O’Hagan. He’s also in a wonderful band called Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. This is a Drinks with […]

  • Pleasant Gehman #218

    Pleasant Gehman is the author of Rock ‘N’ Roll Witch: A Memoir of Sex Magick, Drugs, & Rock ‘N’ Roll. We discuss: The LA punk rock scene of the ‘70s and […]

  • Jenna Matlin #217

    Jenna Matlin is the author of Will You Give Me a Reading?: What You Need to Read Tarot with Confidence. We discuss: A psychic phenomenon that happened during the show. Clown […]

  • Madame Pamita #216

    Madame Pamita is the author of Baba Yaga’s Book of Witchcraft: Slavic Magic from the Witch of the Woods. Join me for a free creative writing workshop at the Los […]

  • Robert Crais #215

    Robert Crais is the author of Racing the Light (An Elvis Cole and Joe Pike Novel). We discuss: How the search for truth is literally a life or death situation. UFOs. […]

  • Daniel Paisner #214

    Daniel Paisner is the author of Balloon Dog: A Novel. He’s also a big time famous ghost writer for the likes of Denzel Washington and Gilbert Gottfried. We discuss: How […]

  • Kid Congo Powers #213

    Kid Congo Powers is the author of Some New Kind of Kick: A Memoir. The book reflects on his youth in La Puente to the LA punk scene as well […]

  • Christine Sneed #212

    Christine Sneed is the author of Please Be Advised: A Novel in Memos We discuss: Working with indie presses vs. big houses. Why it’s harder to write an acknowledgements page […]

  • Erika Krouse #211

    Erika Krouse is the author of Tell Me Everything: The Story of a Private Investigation. We chat: How Erika became a private investigator. What is Harriet the Spy and Tony Robbins […]

  • Hannah Sward #210

    Hannah Sward is the author of Strip: A Memoir. We discuss: Loneliness and strip clubs. Dating woes as a writer. How Hannah met her writing mentor at the library. Are […]

  • A. M. Homes #209

    A. M. Homes is the author of The Unfolding. We chat: Writing a novel is messy. Her time writing for the tv series The L Word. Intimacy coordinators on film […]

  • Patrick O’Neil #208

    Patrick O’Neil is the author of Anarchy At The Circle K: On The Road With Dead Kennedys, TSOL, Flipper, Subhumans and… Heroin. Patrick and I discuss: Infinite Jest sucks. Punk rock, […]

  • Pete Hsu #207

    Pete Hsu is the author of If I Were The Ocean I’d Carry You Home. We chat: The problems of writing the novel. His conversion to evangelical christianity. Why he […]

  • Paula Priamos #206

    Paula Priamos is the author of Appraise Her. We chat: Tupac’s penis. Why we have to push the boundaries as writers. Duran Duran and Billy Idol. How complaining about your […]

  • Rebekah Anderson #205

    Rebekah Anderson is the author of The Grand Promise. We chat: The secret magic of how to write a novel. Growing up in Seattle. The literary community in Paris. Anne […]

  • Bruce Ferber #204

    Bruce Ferber is the author of I Buried Paul. We discuss: * Campaigning for Howard Dean * Our mutual hatred for influencers * How Paul’s therapist helped him shift from […]

  • Annabelle Gurwitch – #203

    Annabelle Gurwitch is the author of You’re Leaving When? Adventures in Downward Mobility. We discuss: * Vibrators and dry vaginas. * Emailing book reviewers who suck. * Getting fired from […]

  • Liska Jacobs #202

    Liska Jacobs is the author of The Pink Hotel. If you’re in Los Angeles, check out her event at Book Soup on Friday. Liska and I chat: * Writing in […]

  • Kevin Sampsell #201

    Kevin Sampsell is the author of I Made an Accident, a book of his collages, out now on Clash Books. He’s also a memoirist and novelist and runs Future Tense […]

  • Larissa Pham #200

    Larissa Pham is the author of Pop Song: Adventures in Art and Intimacy. Larissa and I talk about: * Being a writer in Brooklyn * Buddhism * Writing a novel […]

  • Jerry Stahl #199

    Jerry Stahl is the author of Nein, Nein, Nein! One Man’s Tale of Depression, Psychic Torment, and a Bus Tour of the Holocaust. We chat: * How to easily divorce […]

  • Jordan Castro #198

    Jordan Castro is the author of The Novelist’ – A Novel. We chat: – Intimacy of pizza delivery before apps. – Cleveland Indians. – Urethra vs. Ethereal. – The beauty […]

  • Andrew Miller #197

    Andrew Miller is the author of Lady Tomahawk, a novella featured in L.A Stories: Three Grindhouse Novels. We chat: – How to start a cult. – Is having sex with […]

  • Jordan A. Rothacker #196

    Jordan A. Rothacker is the author of The Pit and No Other Stories. We chat: How to woo your muse. Important storytelling questions from 5 year olds. Why sex dreams […]

  • Diana Abu-Jaber #195

    Diana Abu-Jaber is the author of Fencing with the King. We chat: – How to be a novelist without an MFA – Why it’s a bad idea to teach when […]

  • Taylor Hahn #194

    Taylor Hahn is the author of The Lifestyle, her debut novel. We chat: – How to survive and thrive in long term romantic relationships. – My aversion to threesomes, even […]

  • Tim Kirk #193

    Tim Kirk is the author of Christ Never Showed Up! The disappointing near-death of Joe McPuppet and his curious life afterward. If you like the show you’ll love supporting Drinks with […]

  • Jon Bassoff #192

    Jon Bassoff is the author of Beneath Cruel Waters. If you like the show you’ll love supporting Drinks with Tony for as little as $3/month with extra perks and writerly […]

  • Kathe Koja #191

    Kathe Koja is the author of Dark Factory. A novel as well as an immersive project. Want to co-host Drinks with Tony? Or receive a shout out at the top […]

  • Thea Wirsching #190

    Thea Wirsching is the creator of The American Renaissance Tarot, a tarot deck and accompanying book. We discuss * All things occult, * Are ouija boards dangerous? You bet they […]